Are you die heart fan of sports, golf and even more you love going watching the news? Curious to know the hurdle and the adventuring golf course story of this opening session? Wish to come up with some exciting story just before the game session was about to start?


Today we are covering a thrilling moment that was filmed by chance that will surprise you more than your favorite player signature shot. At this time once again the hospitality and golf course for the opening session was supposed to be led by Jerry Sager, who is senior managing director of First National of America. More about Jerry he has been accounted as famous figure and has more than 25 years of rich history of lending to owners and management companies, his team has provided financing for the acquisition, construction, expansion and refinancing of specialized assets throughout the United States.

But, somehow Jerry P Sager has been caught on camera describing the scenes and weather of the golf course. According to Jerry, once again the day October 5 was recalled when the Tour Championship Tournament in Jacksonville was canceled due to hurricane Mathew and the same goes after three months in the Bahamas, Pebble Beach by the season openers. As the same gust of wind and storm hit the Monterrey Peninsula and pummeled by it, this is called as the atmospheric river, which was responsible for the massive flood in Northern California.

Still, some of the players proved their valiant spirit towards golf and appeared to mark their element, what is commonly called as Crosby weather, also pointed by Jerry during questioning. He also helps to come up with the fact that weather like this was mostly preferred for playing golf under old Being Crosby National Pro-Am (now known as the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am). It proved too great curiosity among the spectator who gathers to watch their role icons struggling for the nineteen whole which was greatly affected by the wind.

After this it was like we have missed the best part of this Sunday, but at end Jerry also concluded that it was weather which won the race and situation, as the game was the force to stop. But also made the smile on golf fans face by announcing that there is more session that is to be held schedule for which he has been called for the lending golf course. He also announces that would be the presence of few more session opener and golf legend to prove their metal once again.


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